Vikings: War of Clans Game Overview

Vikings: War of Clans is a browser-based game that takes place in the world of the Vikings, where the player, a Jarls, must build his kingdom, his army and recruit heroes to set out to conquer the surrounding kingdoms.

The game features traditional gameplay, typical of building games and city management, but incredibly addictive. It also offers a thorough progression system an interesting hero system, which thus gives players the variety and added complexity

The game also offers excellent animations in 3D. The graphic leg of Vikings is fantastic, and our city is full of life. One can even see the inhabitants go about their occupations, work in the forges, the mines, and the farms.

Coupled with a pleasant soundtrack and perfectly in the theme, the game manages to immerse the player in his atmosphere.

The game does not, however, have only qualities, and one of the most difficult defects is undoubtedly its incredibly long loading times.


Ultimately, Vikings: War of Clans is an excellent browser game, despite its lack of novelties. It offers a licked gaming experience, which will speak to fans of the genre accustomed to traditional gameplay.

➔ Main points:

  • A game of strategy on browser released in 2017 which takes again the gameplay the most classic of the kind
  • Excellent graphics and convincing atmosphere based on the world of the Vikings.
  • Hours of addictive building of a kingdom and fierce fighting solo or with a clan.
  • Complex progress systems for all strategy enthusiasts
  • Do not ask to put the hand in the wallet to enjoy the complete experience, even if the cash shop is present.

Vikings: War of Clans Trailer

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Wizard of Oz – best tips and tricks

The world-famous story of Dorothy, her pooch Toto and the magician of the Emerald City can now be seen on Facebook. In the colorful town-planning social game The Wizard of Oz you build your personal dwarven land and take care of the needs of the small inhabitants.


The Wizard of Oz can be found with quite a lot of dwarf power

Huh, how is she there justiningen? The little girl Dorothy from Kansas lands suddenly in the middle of a colorful village full of dwarfs – the Munchkinland! To get back home, Dorothy has to become the magician of the Emerald City, also known as The Wizard of Oz. Only the yellow brick path leads to him, and he has to be finished. You need the help of the little Munchkins. In order to lure as many of these little dwarves as possible, she takes the role of the Munchkinland mayor and help Dorothy to expand the dwarf town sensibly. The Wizard of Oz has many different buildings at your disposal. Very important are the houses, because the more you build, the more Munchkins find the way to your city.
Keep in mind, however, that your inhabitants, despite their small size, display an astonishing appetite. A hungry Munchkin is a lazy Munchkin! So build a restaurant and a mill at the beginning, so that all hungry mouths can be stuffed at any time. You also need raw materials such as wood to build more buildings. Occasional trips to the forest in the nearby forest are therefore the order of the day

With each graduated level, you can unlock other buildings and decorations and can design your city to heart.

Rent cash is not forgotten!
There are two currencies in The Wizard of Oz: on the one hand the Oz Coins, which you get for completed quests, the rent of your Munchkins and the income of your shops. With Oz Coins you can buy more items and enlarge your city gradually and beautify. In addition, there is Emerald’s premium currency, which you need to purchase some items and which you can use to speed up certain events in Munchkin’s everyday life. Both currencies you can buy for real money, when it’s scarce. As in many other social games, you should keep an eye on your energy in the game of The Wizard of Oz. You can get energy by this wizard of oz slots cheats. If the energy is exhausted, you can neither reap nor collect coins. Quickly replenish your energies by interacting with friends – or invested some Emeralds.

For more information on Dorothy’s Facebook adventure and her quest for the Wizard of Oz, we’ll be providing you soon. One thing we can already tell you: It will be a long way to the mysterious Emerald City. Here is a view from a distance